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Fort Buford State Historic Site

Fort Buford State Historic Site


lat: 47.987947021032 long: -104.0004658699

Built in 1866, this Fort was a major supply depot and one of the posts established to protect overland and river routes on the confluence of the Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers.  It is best known for being the site of Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull’s surrender in 1881.

The Fort’s officers’ quarters building has now been turned into a museum, while other original features still stand, including a stone powder magazine and the post cemetery site.  On July 4th, the 6th Infantry reenactment group holds its annual Fort Buford Sixth Infantry Frontier Military Encampment, bringing history to life.

The admission fee also includes admission to the nearby Missouri-Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center, which tells more stories about North Dakota’s history.

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