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Fahrmeier Farms

Fahrmeier Farms


lat: 39.123202 long: -93.936933

A family farm founded in 1947, Fahrmeier Farms features u-pick fields, a market for farm goods, and a winery.  At Fahrmeier’s, you can pick your own pumpkins, strawberries, or blackberries.  In spring, the farm sells hanging baskets and other flowers.  At the farm’s market, purchase fresh produce, eggs, beef, pork, wine, and much more.  In fall, the farm hosts a Pumpkin Festival featuring games, activities, and of course, pumpkin picking.  Don’t miss out on their seasonally-flavored, limited-release donuts, including fresh strawberry donuts with cream cheese icing or chocolate covered strawberry donuts.  To stay up-to-date with product availability and u-pick dates, visit Fahrmeier Farms on Facebook.

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lat: 38.82679 long: -90.21614
Miami to Big Muddy

lat: 39.32615 long: -93.22803
Trail of Tears Access

A boat ramp that allows visitors to access the Trail of Tears

lat: 37.4539977 long: -89.4625079
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lat: 38.5840552 long: -90.8200764
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lat: 37.3008461 long: -89.5186713
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A boat ramp to the beautiful Missouri River with a peaceful view of the river.

lat: 38.94831 long: -92.53559
Bean Lake Natural Area

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Arrow Rock

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Lewis and Clark Nature Trail

lat: 38.77314 long: -90.4821
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