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Contemporary Art Center

Contemporary Art Center


Wednesday-Saturday for 1:15 minute sessions
Free, but all visitors must register online through the website to maintain limits on visitor quantity
lat: 39.1027951 long: -84.5120127

The Contemporary Art Center is one of the more unique places in the entire region. The lobby has an upscale restaurant and the remaining three stories are filled with changing by season modern art exhibits. 

The exhibits shown at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center range greatly and are quite eclectic. A visit to the museum can give you the opportunity to learn about racial justice, gay rights, women’s empowerment or you may see the eclectic clown exhibit that was showcased here several years ago. 

You never know quite what you’ll see at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center, but you’re sure to learn something. See magnificent works produced by the human brain, and have long lasting memories and stories to tell. Located in the heart of Downtown Cincinnati, it is easily accessible and close to restaurants, bars, and Fountain Square. 


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