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Clinton’s Soda Fountain

Clinton’s Soda Fountain


lat: 39.0929645 long: -94.415929

Serving classic soda phosphates, sundaes, shakes, and more, Clinton’s Soda Fountain is sharing Independence history with locals and visitors alike.  With a building created in the 1800s, and in business since 1988, Clinton’s Soda Fountain has been part of both local and national history.  Harry Truman once worked at the pharmacy/soda fountain at this location, and people from every state in the U.S. have come to visit.  With a 100-year-old marble countertop and a reclaimed wooden backdrop, Clinton’s continues to cherish and celebrate local history.  Try Polly’s soda pop, produced in Independence Square, or Harry’s Favorite sundae and join the history at Clinton’s Soda Fountain.

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