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Clark and Lewie’s Restaurant

Clark and Lewie’s Restaurant


We serve natural buffalo, elk, and salmon raised in the northwest. Clark and Lewie's is conscious of how we use our resources, by recycling paper and glass, using natural fibers, purchasing organic ingredients and non toxic cleaning products.
lat: 45.692406640741 long: -121.88178777695

Clark and Lewie’s is a period restaurant on the Columbia River waterfront offering food and history. Some of the recipes are from the many cookbooks that have been published about the food and foliage that the Expedition enjoyed. Elk burgers, buffalo meatloaf, salmon, and beef are all featured. Browse the historic photographs in our 1905 building while enjoying your delicious lunch or dinner. The waterfront in Stevenson is growing, bringing new life to new explorers. Sternwheelers land near the restaurant and the scenic river views can be enjoyed from our deck or a peaceful waterfront trail.

Clark and Lewie’s is a great place for hikers, wind surfers, and water sports enthusiasts to recharge. We look forward to sharing this piece of the Expedition with new explorers!

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