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Chrisolyn’s Gluten Free Bakery

Chrisolyn’s Gluten Free Bakery


lat: 39.2069 long: -93.5114607

A dedicated gluten free bakery, Chrisolyn’s is an ideal place to stop for delicious baked goods.  With a commitment to working with suppliers to ensure that ingredients are gluten free, travelers with gluten intolerances will find a safe space to eat.  From cinnamon rolls to banana bread, apple pie scones to waffles, there’s a wide variety of sweet treats and breads available at Chrisolyn’s.  They also feature dairy free options of some of their most popular offerings, including sticky buns and bagels.  Don’t miss their donuts, cupcakes, or dessert bars featuring old-fashioned methods and innovative flavors.  Stop in for a quick snack, or pick up pizza crust and dinner rolls for your next meal at Chrisolyn’s.

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