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Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center

Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center


Tuesday through Friday: 10AM to 4PM
800.422.0232 / 503.879.5211
Admission is free
lat: 45.0617118 long: -123.6081586

The Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center pays tribute to the resilient legacy of the Grand Ronde people. From the years of Termination to the era of Relocation and when a massive forest fire ravaged their valleys, the native tribes turned the tide in their favor in the era of Restoration and dedicated their lands to a community of cultural activity.

The Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center shares the stories of the tribe’s history, culture, and continue to practice their customs. Visitors can have either self guided or staff guided tours through the galleries with ceremonial artifacts that are still used to this day and read stories that teaches guests some of the native languages.  It is at the Chachalu Museum and Cultural Center where visitors can witness the revitalization of a resilient culture persevering throughout history.

The place of the burnt timbers, or “Chachalu” is what the people of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde community have called this region time immemorial.

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