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Central Park Chesterfield

Central Park Chesterfield


lat: 38.6513125 long: -90.5726875

Central Park in Chesterfield, Missouri offers a variety of amenities—whether you’re looking for the serenity of nature, or enjoying a concert at the amphitheater.  With exceptional scenery highlighting the natural beauty of the river and the forest, Central Park is an oasis just outside St. Louis.  Fauna enthusiasts can take time to spot native plants and wildflowers, while the stocked lake is also open for catch and release fishing.  The “Art in the Park” program features sculptures placed along the lake and playground path.  A variety of walking, biking, and running trails make outdoor adventure easy and affordable.  The primary trail is a 1.24 mile loop around the Park’s lake which showcases the amphitheater, the playground, and many pieces of public art.

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Nearby Trails

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