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Bicentennial Bridge

Bicentennial Bridge


lat: 38.57967738144 long: -92.171398644705

Connecting the Missouri State Capitol Complex to a 30-acre parkland, the Bicentennial Bridge links past to present for over 400,000 visitors annually.  Featuring breathtaking views of the Capitol and the Missouri River Valley, this bridge is the perfect place to view Jefferson City’s landmarks.  The bridge was first unveiled in 2021 to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Missouri’s statehood.  Donors, including the DeLong family, are honored in educational panels along the length of the bridge.  The bridge entrance includes a Gold Star Memorial that honors veterans and their families.  Crossing over railroad tracks and connecting the capital to the park at Adrian’s Island, the Bicentennial Bridge stands as a testament to the state’s history and the dedication of the city’s people.

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