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A taste of Kentucky history and bourbon

By Rachel Taylor

Get a taste of what makes the Bluegrass State unique- literally!

Bourbon Excursion Tours & Transportation employs a team of Kentucky natives as experienced
tour guides and Bourbon enthusiasts to show you the best of the Bluegrass bourbon.

Bourbon Excursions visit beautiful Bourbon distilleries for tours of their historic grounds where
you’ll watch Bourbon being made and then savor the final product in their tasting rooms. Your
tour will include private transportation from your hotel, transportation, tours, tastings, and a
fantastic guide, culminating in a great day full of Kentucky history and bourbon.

Bourbon Excursion Tours & Transportation offers several preset itinerary packages that
highlight the famous distilleries and sites around Louisville, such as Heaven Hill Brewing Co.,
Maker’s Mark Distillery, and Churchill Downs. You can also design your own tour through their
custom tour options, where you can choose where you spend your time. You can choose from
bourbon distilleries, a thoroughbred horse farm, a bourbon barrel cooperage, or even breweries,
whatever adventure you choose to have!

All excursions, whether pre-set or custom, include tours, tastings, private transportation, and a
knowledgeable local guide. Lunch is a part of the day but is not included in the price. Their
knowledgeable guides will make suggestions of local favorite spots.

While Bourbon Excursion Tours & Transportation now offers public tours, their tours can also be
made exclusive (or private) for your group only. To book a tour or create a custom one, Call
502-233-9903, email gary@bourbonexcursions.com, or visit their website to learn more or book
your tour today!

Photo Credit: Bourbon Excursion Tours & Transportation

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