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Four State Lookout

Looking for the perfect place to catch a sunset or a gorgeous view? The Four State Lookout provides a perfect view of the Missouri River Valley. Visiting this site will check off one of the…

lat: 39.9797707 long: -95.299358
Ioway Bee Farm

The Corps of Discover stopped just south of the Kansas/Nebraska border – White Cloud and Highland, Kansas in 1804. According to local legend, their names are said to be carved in a stone somewhere close…

lat: 39.9934533 long: -95.3719944

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White Cloud

The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Pavilion at White Cloud, Kansas, describes the expedition’s passage through the area in 1804 and then again in 1806, the northern reaches of Kaw or Kansa tribal territory. There is…

lat: 39.9763876 long: -95.2969223

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