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Bad Humored Island

Bad Humored Island was the backdrop of a meaningful exchange between Lewis & Clark and the native tribes that called the region home. As the journals discuss, Black Buffalo and the other chiefs were invited to…

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Black Buffalo’s Camp Site

Wednesday, September 26, 1804 The expedition and Black Buffalo together traveled 4 1/2 miles to his village (now Oahe Campground 3), where a feast and celebration were being prepared. Chief Black Buffalo raised the pipe…

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Casey Tibbs SD Rodeo Center Museum

The Casey Tibbs South Dakota Rodeo Center is a historical museum devoted to the legendary sport of South Dakota rodeo; the history and its stars. In our two-story museum you will find rare memorabilia of…

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Chicago and North Western Railroad Bridge

As the name suggests, The Chicago and North Western (C&NW) Railroad completed the Chicago and North Western Railroad Bridge in September 1907. The bridge provided the first permanent Missouri River crossing in central South Dakota…

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Deadwood Trail

One of the famous trails in South Dakota is the Fort Pierre to Deadwood Trail (1876 to 1906), which began where steamboats would dock at the end of Hustan Ave in Fort Pierre near the…

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Fort Pierre Chouteau Site National Register of Historic Places

Fort Pierre Chouteau stood as a symbol of the relations between Euro-Americans and American Indians and their interdependence for nearly 25 years. Continually growing in size and influence, the fort evolved into a trading center…

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Fort Pierre Depot Museum

With the planned 1907 construction of a railroad bridge across the Missouri River from Pierre to Fort Pierre, the Chicago and Northwestern railroad track was quickly laid from Fort Pierre to Rapid City. Along the…

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Fort Pierre, South Dakota

Fort Pierre and its surroundings have significant connections to the Lewis and Clark expeditions. The expedition’s first introduction to the region was on the evening of Monday, September 24, 1804, when Lewis, Clark, and their…

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La Verendrye Site National Register of Historic Places Designation

Verendrye Monument The Verendrye Monument, on Verendrye Hill overlooking the city of Fort Pierre just northwest of where the Bad and Missouri Rivers come together, is one of only a few verifiable sites associated with…

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Verendrye Museum

The Verendrye (Var-en-dree) Museum was established in 1968, when the Old Stanley County Historical Society and many other historically-minded individuals worked together to bring to life their vision of a place where Fort Pierre’s colorful…

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