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A Perfect Day in Cincinnati: Top 10 Spots to Visit

The United States of America has some of the most diverse, engrossing, and spectacular cities within the world. Many of these cities are known throughout the world, being some of the reasons why numerous tourists visit America. New York City has extravagant sights, rich history, and diverse community. Boston contains a deep history, sports teams, and recognizable accent.  New Orleans presents enticing food, Mardi Gras parades, and classical music. All of these cities are revered for they’re respected cultures and communities, enthralling tourists with skyscrapers, national monuments, and iconic landmarks. A perfect day can be achieved in anyone of these cities.

However, we are going to highlight a different city. One that not only has fantastic sights, delicious foods, and awesome landscapes, but this particular city sits on one of the most famous rivers within America. This is known as Cincinnati, the Queen of the West. While not one of the more well known cities within America for tourists, Cincinnati holds many wonders that rival New York City, Washington DC, and Boston. Cincinnati contains several amazing locations and spots to visit. Today, we will explore these locations, reveal that Cincinnati is a unique experience for tourists of all kinds, and show the ten spots to visit in this amazing city. It’s a perfect day in Cincinnati! Let’s go!

Cincinnati Near the Ohio River

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Overview of Cincinnati

Founded in 1788, Cincinnati was the first major city built after the Revolution. It is considered by many as the “first America City,” since it was founded and built after America cut ties with the British Empire. The city has several nicknames. Such as Cincy, The ‘Nati, The Queen of the West, The Blue Chip city, and the City of Seven Hills. Since Cincinnati is located on the Ohio River, right across from Northern Kentucky, the nickname (The Queen City) was proclaimed by its citizens in 1820. Due to its location, Cincinnati is south of Route 70 and north of Route 64, making it a detour destination for any sight-seeing tourists. Lastly, Cincinnati is homed to several professional sports teams that bring it further notoriety. The teams being the Cincinnati Bengals, Reds, and Cyclones (Baseball, American Football, and Hockey).

Why it’s a Perfect Day in Cincinnati and Ten Spots to Visit

It’s a perfect day in Cincinnati! There are numerous locations, spots, and places that make Cincinnati an awesome area for exploration. Whether you are a lover of sports, food, history, nature, clothing, music, or animals, Cincinnati can meet all your needs. The Nation Park Service promotes Cincinnati for not only its geographical placement upon the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail (LCNHT), but for the various communities, businesses, and people who are set up on the trail. Whether you are planning a journey that takes you through the LCNHT or if you are simply planning a trip to Cincinnati, this list of ten spots for a perfect day can help you determine potential visiting locations. Without further ado, here are ten spots that make a perfect day while in Cincinnati.

Reference Link: https://www.pexels.com/photo/glowing-city-embankment-with-amusement-park-in-nighttime-3474830/

1: Seasongood Pavilion at Eden Park

Cincinnati is home to several city parks with many breathtaking sights. Eden Park is perhaps the most popular city park within Cincinnati. With numerous walkways, monuments, overlooks, buildings and lakes. One such site is the Seasongood Pavilion, a public setting that is in the south region of Eden Park. Nestled near the Elsinore Arch and Cincinnati Art Museum. The Seasongood Pavilion is used for music, social events, and photo galleries, as it is not only an amazing building, but it is extremely easy to access. If you are looking for an amazing place to take a photo, listen to some music, or participate in a social event, Seasongood Pavilion at Eden Park is the spot for you.

2: Pendleton Art Center

For any art lovers who wish to either tour a gallery or perhaps those interested in taking a class, the Pendleton Art Center is the spot for you. The Pendleton Art Center has a variety of activities, ranging from viewing various artists and their works, to taking classes at the center or participating in one of their numerous public events. The Art Center’s store contains a diverse array of art on display, which can be purchased or viewed virtually to better understand the events, along with what genre of art is being shown. The Pendle Art Center is a good place to visit for any passing tourist for either a quick browse or for those interested in the field of art. It brings out the variety to a perfect day in Cincinnati.

3: Taft Theatre

The Taft Theatre is one of numerous historic buildings within Cincinnati. An interesting fact about the theatre, it’s named after Charles Phelps Taft, the older brother of President William Howard Taft. Built in 1928 by the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the theatre holds up to 2,500 people. It is not only a historical site, with a rugged 1920s appeal, but the preservation of the interior is like taking a step through time. The Taft Theatre is also home to the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. This location is a must stop while in Cincinnati, as it is used for Broadway shows, concerts, comedies and other various special events that are open to the public. If you love the theater, the lights, and music, make your way down to the Taft Theatre.

4: William Howard Taft National Historic Site

The William Howard Taft National Historic Site is the restored, childhood house of President William Howard Taft. Several social events occurred here throughout history. One such event had James A. Garfield as a guest (before he became President). The historic site is divided into two sections, with the first building being the original house fully restored. The house has two levels, with the second floor holding exhibits of President Taft’s accomplishments. The second building operates as the National Historic Site’s Visitor Center, officially known as the Taft Education Center. This location is perfect for any lovers of history and tourists who wish to see a fully restored historic house.

5: The Eagle

Good food is the main-event for a perfect day. The sights, social events, and activities are the appetizers. Food can make an average day into a great day, or a good day into a perfect day. The Eagle is a house-brined restaurant, with various locations in major cities across the midwest. There is nothing more satisfying then after a long walk across a park or car trip through the city, then a nice, hot greasy meal. The Eagle serves sandwiches, salads, soups, sides, snacks, and unique cocktails that are worth a visit. Moreover, the Eagle has a very humbling and welcoming appeal to it. For anyone who is a beer lover, food lover, or is a hungry visitor to Cincinnati, the Eagle is a must see restaurant. You cannot have a perfect day in Cincinnati without food.

6: Old St. Mary’s Church

For anyone looking for a beautiful site to visit in Cincinnati, you’ll find no better spot than Old St. Mary’s Church. Built in 1840 by German immigrants, Old St. Mary’s Church is the oldest standing church in Cincinnati. Its Greek Revival Style is solemn and revering as it looms over the citizens of Cincinnati. Fun fact about the church, since 2017, it is the current home of the Cincinnati Oratory, which is a society of priests and brothers of The Congregation of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri. With a rich history and amazing view from within, Old St. Mary’s Church is like looking at a pillar worn by time, yet still preserved as if unaffected by it. Considered a landmark within Cincinnati, Old St. Mary’s sits within the historic neighborhood, Over-The-Rhine. Even if you are not religious, the church is a spectacular work of construction. It is a solemn stop for a perfect day in Cincinnati.

Old St. Mary's Church

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7: Washington Park

While not the biggest city park within Cincinnati, Washington Park is one of the better known city parks with the iconic Cincinnati Music Hall standing in front of the park. It is a large, open park with numerous trees. There are several American Civil War cannons near the park, along with the busts of Civil Wars heroes Frederick Hecker and Colonel Robert Latimor McCook, who commanded the German 9th Ohio Infantry. The park is used for social events and is a general place to relax. Perfect days are for moments of relaxation. Washington Park provides a stress free zone with a wondrous atmosphere.

8: Boba Cha

A perfect day requires variety and what better way than visiting Boba Cha, a bubble tea store. For those who do not know, bubble tea is a tea-based beverage that originated in Taiwan. Bubble tea is a drink that is mixed with tea and milk or fruit with chewy tapioca pearls. Boba Cha also sells smoothies and slushies. It is the perfect place to get a nice, cool drink for a perfect day.

9: Castle of Air

Parks and gardens are famous within Cincinnati. Right on the edge of the Ohio River, in the Berry International Friendship Park, lies the Castle of Air. A pavilion placed in a public garden fashioned from four walls with an arched façade of polished steel and a system of mirrors. The architect, Peter Haimerl, named the pavilion the Castle of Air based on the European hunting lodge and summer place of the 18th century, similar to Pagodenburg and Amalienburg from the castle park of Nymphenburg. It is a perfect place for a picture or photo with friends and family.

10: Mirror Lake at Eden Park

Making our way back to Eden Park to cap off a perfect day, one should visit the illustrious Mirror Lake, which is one of the main attractions of the park. The biggest lake in a city park within Cincinnati deserves a visit to conclude the day. Or, you may wish to visit this place first and take a walk around the lake, as it is vast. There are plenty of perfect spots for a photo here and there.

And those are 10 spots that you should visit on a perfect day in Cincinnati. When the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail leads you to Cincinnati, give these places a visit and send pictures of your visit. Don’t forget to follow us while you’re in Cincinnati!

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