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Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock


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lat: 45.5955184 long: -121.1892078

Local legend has it that Pulpit Rock was used as a pulpit by preachers in the middle 1800s. It became a landmark, and is located in the middle of the intersection of Court Street and East 12th Street in a residential area.

Prior to Euro-American settlement the rock was carved by natural elements in an open area on a slight slope. The Methodist missionaries were known to preach to the local Native Americans during the 1830s and 1840s from this rock. The rock currently stands in the intersection of 12th and Court streets, directly south of The Dalles-Wahtonka High School with a historical marker. The city kept the rock at its location in the middle of a street due to history surrounding the rock. A mural on a building in downtown The Dalles features the rock prior to the development of the current roads and neighborhood around it.

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