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Lewis and Clark Commemorative Trail

Lewis and Clark Commemorative Trail


Open from dawn until dusk
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Those who enjoy the great outdoors and a refreshing hike will find a lot to love in the Lewis and Clark Commemorative Trail.

Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark along this 8 mile commemorative trail in Oregon. Journey next to the mighty Columbia River while viewing majestic osprey and bald eagles flying overhead. Enjoy amazing views of geological features such as the Wallula Gap and basalt bluffs that tell a story of floods that helped shape this area.

The terrain of the trail is generally flat and wide with short sections of narrow, moderately steep grades where the trail diverts around washouts. Very few areas of shade along the trail.

Trail can be accessed at 3 different locations: McNary Beach Recreation Area, Hat Rock State Park, and Warehouse Beach Habitat Management Unit. Equestrian parking available at all 3 locations with Warehouse Beach being the primary staging area.

  • Trail distance from McNary Beach to Hat Rock State Park: 6 miles
  • Trail distance from Hat Rock State Park to Warehouse Beach: 2 miles

Restroom facilities available at McNary Beach, Hat Rock State Park, and Warehouse Beach. No potable water available.

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