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Klickitat Canyon Winery

Klickitat Canyon Winery


Open Fridays thru Sundays 12-6 from Mother's Day through Thanksgiving Weekend and By Appointment 541-400-8147
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We farm our vineyard using a method we’ve developed and named eco-dynamic agriculture. By reintroducing the native wildflowers and bunch grasses between the rows and around the periphery, we strive to increase biodiversity as much as possible. As a result, our vineyard has become a continuation of the surrounding environment, as opposed to an oasis for non-native and sometimes harmful pests. We think of it as a form of agricultural habitat restoration.

In addition, we have a non-profit organization called the “Center for Eco-dynamic Restoration,” to promote and share this type of farming with the larger agricultural community.

We named our vineyard Meadowlark Vineyard because the promotion of native bunch grasses provides habitat for the beautiful Western Meadowlark, a ground-nesting bird in our region. By reintroducing indigenous ground cover into the vineyard, we’ve brought back the required habitat for the Western Meadowlarks, who in turn reward us by eating pests and providing harmonious song while we work among the vines.

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