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Ste. Genevieve National Historical Park

Ste. Genevieve National Historical Park


lat: 37.9740033 long: -90.0407296
As the first established settlement west of the Mississippi River from the French, Ste. Genevieve
National Historic Park remains one of the most iconic and influential places in the settlement of the
United States. Eventually, after the Louisiana Purchase, this once French-influenced area became more
influenced from the British settlers but visitors are still able to see the French influence of the park from
the Bauvais-Amoureux House, one of only known surviving poteaux-en-terre style houses. Visitors
must also look at the Jean-Baptiste Valle House which is one of the first rose gardens west of the
Mississippi River. Visitors can also enjoy a visit to the Green Tree Tavern which is open from dawn to
dusk and they can enjoy a ranger-led tour of the structure which once served as a home, business, and
lodge. You’ll be sure to have a wonderful, informative time!

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