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Centre Market

Wheeling’s Centre Market was built in 1853; it’s older than the state of West Virginia itself. It’s the oldest market house in the country, and it was built when Wheeling was a commercial powerhouse because…

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Dickens Victorian Village

Olde England and history come alive in Historic Downtown Cambridge from November to early January with lifelike characters representing scenes from Victorian society. Experience the many displays in this public art exhibition as you take…

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The Eckhart House

Have you ever dreamed of visiting another time period? Travel back in time and visit the “Crown Jewel” of Wheeling, WV! Wheeling, once viewed as the gateway to the west, is teeming with history and…

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Victoria Theater

Victoria Theater or “The Victoria Vaudeville,” which first opened its doors in 1904, is West Virginia’s oldest operational theater. The Victoria is an 800-seat Victorian-style theater with strong Beaux-Arts design elements, located in Wheeling’s listed…

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West Virginia Independence Hall

In 1831, Wheeling, Virginia was designated a Port of Entry by the United States Congress. This means that visitors from other countries could come all the way up the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers to Wheeling…

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Wheeling, West Virginia

Meriweather Lewis arrived in Wheeling on September 7, 1803 on the first leg of the trip to explore and study lands, natural features and resources, waterways, and animal life of the West. Lewis noted Fort…

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