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Barista’s Cafe and Pub

Barista’s Cafe and Pub is one of the favorite destination places in New Martinsville.  The current owners have been busy making many improvements to the gardens to handle the ever increasing crowds that delight in…

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Battle Grounds Bakery & Coffee

Stop by Battle Grounds bakery & Coffee for sandwiches on fresh baked bread, salads, coffee and more. A great place for local breakfast and lunch options, and be sure to try their fresh house made…

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Beech Fork Marina

The marina offers over 225 boat slips for private docking, however it also has more to offer. The 720 acre lake is located nestled between wooded hills, and has 31 miles of coastline. The marina…

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Beech Fork State Park

Beech Fork State Park spans 1,344 acres and offers campsites, hiking trails, and Beech Fork lake, which has 31 miles of shoreline. The state park offers many opportunities for family activities. If you are looking…

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Beech Fork Wildlife Management Area

Beech Fork Wildlife Management Area is over 7,000 acres of land for wildlife viewing, hunting, and fishing. Fishing: For those who enjoy fishing, Beech fork Lake and Millers Fork pond are both great options. Game…

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Cannonball Deli

The Cannonball Deli serves courses such as sandwiches, burgers, pizza, and salads. The deli is known in the area for its friendly staff, and features both indoor and patio seating options.

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Central City Antiques District

Before becoming part of Huntington, Central City was an independent town from 1893 to 1909 that included many of the largest factories in the region. Central City was established by a group of local businessmen…

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Centre Market

Wheeling’s Centre Market was built in 1853; it’s older than the state of West Virginia itself. It’s the oldest market house in the country, and it was built when Wheeling was a commercial powerhouse because…

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Chief Cornstalk Wildlife Management Area

The 11,772-acre Chief Cornstalk Wildlife Management Area (WMA) protects hardwood forests with gently rolling hills and moderately steep slopes in the upland between the Ohio and Kanawha rivers. Game traditionally taken in the management area…

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Chief Cornstalk’s Grave

Come see the grave of Hokoleskwa, or Chief Cornstalk, a Mekoche Shawnee chieftain and war leader, master strategist, and impressive orator. He organized the various Ohio tribes in their resistance to British and Colonial expansion,…

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Dos Hermanos

Recently voted Wetzel County’s favorite restaurant through an online poll conducted by the Wetzel County CVB, Dos Hermanos occupies the space that was formerly the Magnolia Yacht Club and is situated on the Ohio River. …

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Fort Randolph

Step back in time with a visit to Fort Randolph, a modern day reproduction of an American colonial-era fort! In 1776, Captain Matthew Arbuckle marched a Virginia force to the confluence of the Great Kanawha…

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Frazier’s Cabin AirBnb

Complete privacy! Escape from stress to this quaint, little, rustic cabin on 3.6 acres. A peaceful setting with apple trees, blackberries and beautiful country views! Wake up to deer and other wildlife just outside your…

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Grave Creek Mound Archaeological Complex

The heart of the site is probably the most famous and certainly the largest of the Adena Burial mounds. A massive undertaking, the total effort required the movement of more than 60,000 tons of earth.…

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Huntington Museum of Art

Nestled on 52 acres with nature trails and a tropical plant conservatory featuring orchids and lush foliage, the Huntington Museum of Art in Huntington, West Virginia, is a fine arts museum offering something for everyone.…

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J.Q. Dickinson Salt-Works

We are a 7th Generation salt making family business. William Dickinson began producing salt in the Kanawha Valley of Virginia in 1817. The region grew to be the largest salt making area of the country.…

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John Brown’s Fort

John Brown’s Fort was originally used in 1848 as the Armory’s fire engine and guard house. During the Civil War, the Fort was used as a prison and a supply house. John Brown’s Fort was…

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Kanawha River Campground

Need a campground to pitch your tents in while visiting Point Pleasant? The Kanawha River Campground is for you! The Kanawha River Campground is located less than 10 miles from downtown Point Pleasant on the beautiful…

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Kreinik Manufacturing Co

Here at Kreinik, we’re all about thread. It is a family-owned business that started in Jerry and Estelle Kreinik’s home in the early 1970s. Estelle was a needleworker and created one of the first needlework…

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Krodel Park Campground

Owned and managed by the City of Point Pleasant, Krodel Park is within easy walking or biking distance to our downtown attractions, so come visit! Krodel Park is both the City of Point Pleasant’s largest…

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