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Fort Owen State Park

Fort Owen State Park provides the unique opportunity to stand on the edge of Montana history, where many “firsts” for the state were made. Some of these firsts include creating a safe place for indigenous…

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Historic St. Mary’s Mission

St. Mary’s Mission was the first white settlement in Montana, which eventually grew into the town of Stevensville. Today, these buildings are preserved to give visitors insights into the early days of the settlement of…

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Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge

Bringing in 240,000 visits every year, this 2800-acre wildlife refuge located in southwest Montana can’t be missed! The Lee Metcalf National Wildlife refuge was established in 1964, and it is now home to a variety…

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Mountain Butterfly Hot Air Balloon Rides

Exploring the world in a hot air balloon isn’t something that many people can say they’ve done; but on a Montana Butterfly hot air balloon ride, you’ll be crossing off a bucket-list item while soaring…

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Valley Drug and Variety

Valley Drug and Variety is a locally-owned independent pharmacy and variety store. We are proud to serve Stevensville and the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. Our store is known for our huge selection of greeting cards and…

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