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Crossroads Bike Tours

Crossroads Bike Tours offers a multitude of cycling experiences that cater to all ability levels. Don’t worry – leave the planning to us! By booking with Crossroads,  visitors will receive a customized tour based on…

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Lewis & Clark Boat House and Museum

The Lewis & Clark Boat House and Nature Center permanent home of the Discovery Expedition of St. Charles replicas of the keelboat and pirogues used by Lewis and Clark. Situated beside the Missouri River at…

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Lewis & Clark’s Restaurant

What is more American than enjoying a delicious steak and drink with a view of the Missouri River? Honor the legacy of Lewis and Clark by ordering a delicious meal in a restaurant named after…

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Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum

We are a living, working museum. The Lewis and Clark Boat House and Museum brings the remarkable journey of 1803-06 to life at our riverfront base of operations in historic St. Charles, Missouri. And we…

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Missouri Artists on Main

Located in the historic “California House”, the Missouri Artists on Main features artwork of 40 Missouri artists from across the state! Paintings, sculptures, ceramics, fused glass, jewelry, and much more. When you’re at the gallery,…

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Saint Charles Historic District

On May 14, 1804 William Clark and 42 men docked in St. Charles (what is now the historic district) and remained for 6 days, waiting for Merriweather Lewis to finish some business in St. Louis…

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