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Columbia River Salmon Sales: Roosevelt, Washington

When Lewis and Clark passed through this area in October 1805, they had to ride through many difficult rapids and around huge boulders now inundated by dam floodwaters. They also saw numerous Indian camps and…

lat: 45.742907 long: -120.2158771
River Bend Overlook Trail

Want to get away from the mighty Missouri River for a while and enjoy some scenic views? Then head to the River Bend Overlook which is situated in the northern unit of the Theodore Roosevelt…

lat: 47.6097528 long: -103.377698
Tribal Salmon – Roosevelt, WA Treaty Access Fishing Site

Roosevelt Ferry Rd, Roosevelt, WA 99356. This site is located just west of Roosevelt Park Recreation Area. Season is open, call ahead to determine availability. The Columbia River is known for its distinctly flavored, rich red…

lat: 47.6912794 long: -122.3176141

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