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Annual Mushroom Festival

Each spring, Richmond hosts a Mushroom Festival in honor of their title as ‘Mushroom Capital of the World.’ This festival brings together many local businesses and also includes events such as a cornhole tournament and…

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Green Kayak Grille & Pub

Housed in the historic 1860’s Masonic Building, the Green Kayak Grille & Pub sits on Front Street in New Richmond (on the Ohio) and offers a variety of food, adult beverages (with a full bar),…

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Museum of Historic New Richmond at the Ross-Gowdy House

Visit the Museum at the Ross-Gowdy House, which over the course of over 150 years has been the home of three New Richmond mayors! Listed on the National Register of Historic places, the house is…

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Of the Earth Farm Distillery

The owners of ‘Of the Earth Farm Distillery’ are creating delicious fruit brandies from produce grown on their land. They are piloting a sustainable approach to distilling practices and promoting a deep connection with the…

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Ray County Community Lake

The Ray County Community Lake is a charming natural area near Richmond, MO, about an hour from Kansas City, MO, that offers a chance to connect with nature. With fantastic bird-watching, fishing and walking trails…

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Ray County Museum

The Ray County Museum, located in Richmond, MO, tells the story of the county and its role in US history. From the first settlers during the westward expansion, the tragic treatment of Native Americans in…

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The Farris Theatre

The Farris Theatre is a historic theatre, built in 1901, in the heart of Richmond, MO. The theatre embodies turn-of-the-century architecture and is the beacon of Richmond’s arts district. Now fully restored, the theatre is…

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