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Court Grill

Since 1933, Court Grill has been providing its customers with delicious and flavorful grilled foods.  This is the ideal spot for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together and relax in their own…

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Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum

Since 2008, the Eastern Washington Agricultural Museum has been preserving and displaying 19th and 20th century farming equipment to celebrate the area’s rich farming tradition. The museum’s goal is to teach locals and visitors about…

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Fox’s Pizza Den

Fox’s Pizza Den was established in 1971 and currently has 200 locations across 25 of the 50 states in the United States. They offer many different kinds of pizza, and each one is delicious in…

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Garfield County Museum

The history of the Garfield County Museum begins in 1945 when school teacher Mary R. Liggett donated $5,000 to the Pioneer Association to build a museum and fireproof storage for historical record, relics, and documents.…

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Lower Snake River

The Clearwater Basin of North Central Idaho provides excellent habitat for wild salmon and steelhead. The Wild Clearwater Country is the northern half of the Big Wild, which contains the largest remaining roadless, and undeveloped stretch…

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Pataha Flour Mills

Pataha Flour Mills is one of the oldest remaining fully-intact mills. With antique machinery spread across four stories accessible through a ramp system, this mill provides a unique experience for anyone that stops by for…

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Rainbow Man and Uniroyal Gal

At the East end of Pomeroy on the South side of US-12 stands a 22-foot tall hippie couple. The tall cowboy has a soul patch and rainbow t-shirt to match the “Rainbow Gasoline” station he…

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River Roasters Coffee Company

Coffee with a good riverside at River Roasters Coffee Company is the best place in the region surrounding Pomeroy, Ohio to enjoy some delicious cafe eats and some freshly brewed coffee. This coffee shop offers…

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