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Choctaw Country Markets

“Chahta” is what the Choctaw people call themselves, which is the name of a legendary Choctaw leader and also means “the people.” The Choctaw homeland includes what is now eastern Mississippi and western Alabama. In…

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Choctaw Cultural Center

The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma’s new Choctaw Cultural Center, which tells the 14,000-year-history of the Chahta people and represents more than a decade of research and work in creating the space, officially opened July 23…

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Choctaw Hunting Lodge

Tour the beautiful, vast grounds of Choctaw Hunting Lodge and harvest some of the plentiful whitetail, hog, and turkey that roam the grounds. Choctaw Hunting Lodge also offers land for leasing, so visit for…

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Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma

The Chahta, or Choctaw, people originally made their home in the eastern part of Mississippi and western area of Alabama. Although hunting parties began visiting what is now southeastern Oklahoma around 1800, it was not…

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Choctaw Travel Plazas

The Choctaw homeland includes what is now eastern Mississippi and western Alabama. In 1825, William Clark, of the Lewis and Clark expedition, met with the Choctaw and Chickasaw to convince them to move west. With…

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Choctaw Welcome Center

The Choctaw Welcome Center is located just off U.S. Hwy 69/75 Northbound from Texas into Oklahoma. Stop here for free coffee, travel information, clean restrooms and unique Choctaw gifts and souvenirs made by Choctaw Artisans.…

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Shawnee Tribe

The Middle Ohio Valley was once the ancestral homeland of the Shawnee people before the tribe was pushed east into present day Oklahoma. Swift travelers and prolific traders, Shawnee were kind friends to many, and…

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