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Clark’s Hill/Norton State Historic Site

Visit the Clark’s Hill/Norton State Historic Site and walk in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark during their historic uncharted expedition. The explorers camped at the base of Clark’s Hill between June 1 and June 3,…

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Jefferson City Greenway Trail

Not just a single trail, Jefferson City’s Greenway Trail is actually a trail system consisting of a multi-use network designed to provide outdoor enthusiasts with a safe alternative route from the busy streets. The goal…

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Jefferson City, Missouri

Visit the Missouri State Capitol and nearby environs to experience the Lewis & Clark Trail. You can start your visit at the Missouri State Capitol. First, examine the Capitol grounds. Just a half-block east of…

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Lewis & Clark KATY Trailhead Plaza

Jefferson City now has many sites to recognize its connection to Lewis and Clark, including a monument that sits next to the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, known officially as the Lewis and Clark…

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Louisiana Purchase Statue

In the heart of Jefferson City lives the Louisiana Purchase Statue. This commemorative monument pays tribute to the defining moment when the United States purchased the land west of the Mississippi River. Important figures featured…

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Missouri State Museum

The Missouri State Museum is where visitors go to immerse themselves in the history of the Show-Me State. The museum houses an impressive collection of exhibits that highlight the state’s natural and cultural history. Museum…

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Missouri State Penitentiary

When the Missouri State Penitentiary was decommissioned in 2004, it became a historic landmark in the state’s capital of Jefferson City. There are a variety of tours from which guests can pick to spend their…

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Missouri: Jefferson City, Columbia and Boonville

Jefferson City Jefferson City was named for the nation’s third president, whose superb vision sent Lewis & Clark and the Corps of Discovery on their quest to find a route to the Pacific Ocean. Thomas…

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Old Brick House

At the Old Brick House, you can both find sandwiches and fine dining, a fabulous hamburger or a famous 40-ounce steak! Along with the regular menu, a daily noon buffet is offered with a variety…

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Sugar Loaf Rock

Sugar Loaf Rock is a high potential historic site on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. To be deemed a high potential historic site, a location must have either: historic significance, presence of visible…

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The Skywalk Trail

Loved by hiking enthusiasts, the Skywalk Trail in Jefferson City will connect you to the Missouri River Pedestrian/Bike Bridge, as well as other surrounding parks and trails around the city. It is part of an…

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Thomas Jefferson Statue

Considered one of the best statues of Thomas Jefferson in existence, this 13 foot bronze statue graces the entrance of the Capitol Building. Built by James Earle Fraser, this monumental statue of our third President…

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