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Butte Park

The dramatic landscape that surrounds Hermiston feels almost as if it’s straight out of a fantasy. From the natural features that look like they’ve been sculpted by hand to the peaceful fields full of shrubs…

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Delish Bistro

Led by a mother-daughter team, Delish Bistro offers the modern and fresh style of food that the Pacific Northwest is known for, while using ingredients from local farmers. This means that our patrons are getting…

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Hat Rock State Park

Hat Rock is a natural monolith of basalt carved by floods from glaciers melting over ten thousand years ago. Hat Rock was the first distinctive landmark passed by the Lewis and Clark Expedition on their…

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Hermiston Family Aquatic Center

The Hermiston Family Aquatic Center offers many different options for enjoying the water. There is a lazy river for relaxing in and taking in the scenery two pools and three water slides. There is also…

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Lewis and Clark Commemorative Trail

Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark along this 8 mile commemorative trail in North East Oregon. Journey next to the mighty Columbia River while viewing majestic osprey and bald eagles flying overhead. Enjoy…

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The Maxwell Siding Railroad Museum

Railroads were the lifeblood of the Industrial Revolution. The Maxwell Siding Railroad Museum pays homage to these symbols of modernization in truly interesting ways. It is, after all, run by two people, Connie Maret and…

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Umatilla County Fair

To the pioneers of the 19th century, Oregon was a land of hope and prosperity. Many people risked their lives crossing the country for a chance to live in this beautiful state. One of Oregon’s…

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