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Eckert’s Country Store & Farms

The quaint comfort of picking a ripe peach off a limb on a warm, breezy summer day isn’t distinct to Georgia — that experience can be had along with The Lewis and Clark Trail in…

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Grafton Harbor Boat Rentals

“The Key West of the Midwest,” located on the Mississippi River in Illinois along the Lewis and Clark Trail! Throughout history, the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers influenced travelers in many ways – and even aided…

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Hakuna Matata River Cruise

Come to Grafton Harbor and experience their all encompassing Hakuna Matata river cruise. Cruise down the Illinois river in this all-weather, 53′ foot, 49 passenger tour boat and see the wonders that the Illinois river…

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Pere Marquette Riding Stables

Are you a lover of the outdoors? Have you always wanted to experience a the thrill of a horseback ride? Well, get ready to sit back and enjoy a 45-50 minute horseback ride through beautiful…

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Pere Marquette State Park

The Pere Marquette State Park in Grafton, Illinois is home to one of these places where we can get a glimpse into nature’s unmistakable everlasting majesty. With 8,000 acres of opportunity, visitors can find any…

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Tara Point Inn and Cottages

Located less than a mile north from the banks of the Mississippi, Tara Point represents the quintessential midwestern getaway. With great views of the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers and a serene campus…

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The Grafton Harbor Floating Winery

In Grafton, Illinois exists one of the most unique wineries in the United States. The Grafton Harbor Floating Winery floats upon the country’s second longest river and offers some of its most eclectic wines. Situated…

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