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Bradford Island Visitor Center at Bonneville Lock and Dam

The Bradford Island Visitor Center is located adjacent to the Bonneville Lock and Dam, on the Oregon side of the Columbia River. For fans of history or outdoor recreation, this locale is a can’t miss!…

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Bridge of the Gods

The Bridge of the Gods was originally the name of the geological land bridge that formed after the Columbia River broke through the natural dam created by the Bonneville Landslide 1,000 years ago. The name…

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Brigham Fish Market

On the banks of the mighty Columbia River in Cascade Locks is one of this town’s hidden gems. Brigham Fish Market is reason alone to put the brakes on and roll into this small town,…

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Cascade Locks Historical Museum

The Cascade Locks Historical Museum is located in one of three original locktender’s houses, built in 1905, in the Port of Cascade Locks Marine Park. The Museum overlooks the original lock and canal built in the…

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Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler River Excursions

“The Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler operates cruises on the Columbia River depart from the Cascade Locks Marine Park several times per day, May through October. Guests can enjoy memorable one or two hour narrated sightseeing excursions,…

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Columbia River Salmon Sales: Cascade Locks, Oregon

Near the Bridge of the Gods on the majestic Columbia River are several places to view Indian fishers dipnetting from their traditional wooden platforms or scaffolds. These wooden structures utilize engineering techniques that have been…

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Greene Bronze Studio

As the first woman to own a bronze foundry in the United States, Heather Söderberg’s sculptures have earned her regional and worldwide attention, including the “Sacagawea, Pompi, and Seaman” commissioned by the Port of Cascade…

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Musée de Venoge

We are an all-volunteer living history museum and our purpose is to understand and interpret the lives and material culture of the early French-Swiss inhabitants. We pay special attention to early trades, domestic arts, early…

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Pere Marquette Riding Stables

Are you a lover of the outdoors? Have you always wanted to experience a the thrill of a horseback ride? Well, get ready to sit back and enjoy a 45-50 minute horseback ride through beautiful…

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Tribal Salmon – Bridgeside Restaurant Parking Lot

Located in Cascade Locks on the east side under the Bridge of the Gods are several tribal fishery stands. Varies by season which types of fresh and smoked fish are sold. On both sides of…

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Tribal Salmon – Cascade Locks Treaty In-Lieu Site

Look for signs indicating salmon sales near the Marine Park in Cascade Locks. Fish varieties vary by season. On both sides of the river near the Bridge of the Gods are places to stop and…

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