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Alton Hauntings Tours

Based on the book Haunted Alton by Troy Taylor, Alton Hauntings Tours offers an entertaining and spine-tingling trip into the unknown, taking visitors to the most authentic haunted places in Alton – including areas originally…

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Beall Mansion B&B

Eighteen miles north of St. Louis and adjacent the Mississippi River, Alton, Illinois  represents the perfect weekend getaway. Further, there may be no better getaway bed-n-breakfast than the Beall Mansion in Alton. Known throughout the…

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Country Meadows Antiques

There is nothing quite like the feeling that is elicited when visiting an antique shop. You know that you live in the modern day, the 2020s, but you feel intrinsically attached to the artifacts of…

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Elijah P. Lovejoy Monument

Elijah Lovejoy was one of the most important Midwestern abolitionists in the years leading up to the American Civil War. Born in Maine to a devout Presbyterian family in November of 1802, Lovejoy was encouraged…

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Great Rivers Tap and Grill

With a menu that includes top-notch sandwiches, handmade sides, juicy hamburgers, cocktails, and 16 local, craft, and domestic beers- it is not hard to see why we love the Great Rivers Tap and Grill. The…

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Historic Middletown District

The historic Middletown District in Alton is perhaps the most architecturally significant and aesthetically pleasing locations in all of Southwestern Illinois. Once the center of life in Alton, this location serves as a symbol of…

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Mac’s Downtown

What do the Smurfs, Walkman, Star Wars, The Cure, REM, a Cardinals World Series victory, and Mac’s downtown Alton all have in common? Well, they’re all from the 80s of course. Yes, Mac’s in Downtown…

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Mississippi Mud Pottery

A step into Mississippi Mud Pottery is a step into founders’ Chad Nelson and Felicia Breen’s pottery studio. With a wheel in the showroom, visitors can watch the pair create new pottery while browsing the…

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Morrison’s Irish Pub

For a little piece of Ireland, Morrison’s pub may just be the best place in Illinois to visit. When Lisa, Mary, and Katey visited the Emerald Isle, they found something that they needed to bring…

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My Just Desserts

Located in the historic district in downtown Alton, “My Just Desserts” is the embodiment of every kid’s dreams. For one, you will not be balked at for ordering dessert first or just dessert altogether. Second,…

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National Great Rivers Museum

The 12,000-square foot National Great Rivers Museum is located on the Meeting of the Great Rivers National Scenic Byway at the Melvin Price Locks and Dam #26. Adjacent to the regional bike trails and situated…

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Robert Pershing Wadlow Statue

Robert Pershing Wadlow was world renowned for his whopping height at 8’11.1″. Born in Alton in 1918, he was known as the boy who never stopped growing. Records indicate that the “gentle giant” was 6’2…

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The Alton Museum of History and Art

There exists no better way to get a sense of an area’s culture, history, and way of life than by visiting its local museums. Art helps us capture aspects of humanity that are not easily…

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The Duke Bakery

For seventy years the Duke Bakery has proudly served the people of Alton, Illinois. The Duke has essentially everything you look for in a bakery. Specialty donuts? Check. Cookies? Check. Danishes? Absolutely. Pies? You bet.…

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The Old Bakery Beer Company

The Old Bakery Beer Company is one of the coolest spots in all of Southwestern Illinois. When the brewery was founded in 2015, the owners were able to find this former late 1800s-1980s bakery building…

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The Piasa Bird Monument

The Piasa Bird of Alton has terrified and fascinated residents of Illinois for hundreds of years. According to lore, the great bird was once satisfied by deer alone. Later on, when white settlers reached the…

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Tony’s Steakhouse

Tony’s Steakhouse in Alton is the premier steakhouse in southwest Illinois. Deep wines, flavor-loaded steaks, and a premier atmosphere- it doesn’t get much better than this wherever you look. From the elegant interior to the…

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