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Bismarck Art Alley

Hidden in an alley in North Dakota’s capital city is Alley 5.5, also known as the Bismarck Art Alley.  This open-air art gallery pays homage to North Dakota’s rich heritage.  Featuring murals by local artists,…

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Buckstop Junction

Buckstop Junction, “the little old town that never was,” is an open-air museum dedicated to retelling the stories of North Dakota’s settlers.  Buildings dating from 1875 to 1935 from across North Dakota were relocated here…

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Magic Photo Art

At first thought, inheriting 100 plus boxes of miscellaneous negatives from the 1920s to 1980s could be overwhelming … but instead these buried images have turned out to be a resurrected treasure. The negatives have…

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North Dakota State Capitol

This monumental building, featuring prairie-themed Art Deco design, proudly displays North Dakota’s history and heritage.  The “Skyscraper on the Prairie” has symbolic interior design, with chandeliers representing heads of wheat, ceiling lighting symbolizing the sky,…

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North Dakota’s Gateway to Science

North Dakota’s Gateway to Science is a children’s museum overlooking the Missouri River with interactive exhibits teaching science, technology, engineering, and mathematics skills.  The museum’s mission is to “inspire the discovery of Science through hands-on…

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