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Sergeant Floyd Monument

The Sergeant Floyd Monument in Floyd’s Bluff, Iowa, is a 100-foot high sandstone obelisk honoring Sergeant Charles Floyd, Jr., the only member of the Corps of Discovery to die during the Lewis and Clark Expedition.…

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Sergeant Floyd River Museum & Welcome Center

Our site is a unique dry docked riverboat in the heart of America. The MV Sergeant Floyd, situated next to the Missouri River, is home to an Iowa Welcome Center, a river museum and a…

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Sioux City Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center

The Sioux City Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center showcases permanent exhibits about the Corps of Discovery’s time in the present-day Sioux City area from late July to early September 1804. The death and burial of…

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Stone State Park

Stone State Park is an urban wildlife sanctuary on the edge of Sioux City and the heart of the Loess Hills. The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) built many of the park’s structures in the 1930s…

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The Floyd Monument

The Floyd Monument was recognized as the First National Historic Landmark by the U.S. Department of Interior in 1960. The monument is 100 feet high, nine feet square at the base and six feet square…

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