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Ariel Opera House

Nestled in the hills of Southeast Ohio is the 1895 opera house known as The Ariel Opera House. Located in the historic district of the French town of Gallipolis on the Ohio River, the Ariel…

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BoardRoom46 started with a group of busy working women, who wanted to paint and create DIY signs – while giggling and having a glass of wine – but also have results that look pro. Easy,…

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Cliffside Golf Course

Cliffside Gold Course offers 18 challenging holes, with four set of tees, which tests all skill levels and provides an exceptional golfing experience. Founded in 1988, Cliffside was designed by golf course architect Jack Kidwell.

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Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureau

The Gallia County Convention and Visitors Bureau is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization with a goal of attracting and welcoming visitors to the area, as well as educating tourists and locals of the region’s history…

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Gallia County Genealogical Society, OGS Chapter

We are the Gallia County Genealogical Society, OGS Chapter, Inc, celebrating the history of The Lewis and Clark Trail and other cultural-heritage events along the Ohio River The general public is welcome to attend but only…

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Gallia County Historical Society

The purpose of the Gallia County Historical Society is to bring the community the resources that have been so painstakingly gathered to reflect the history of Gallipolis and the surrounding Gallia County. The group hopes…

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Gallipolis City Park

The site of the first settlement is part of the Public Square and Garden Lots Historic District. The park is host to many events including, the Gallipolis River Recreation Festival, Gallia County BBQ Festival, Harvest…

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Gallipolis Railroad Freight Station Museum

The Gallipolis Hocking Valley Railroad Freight Station was built in 1901. The station remained a bustling freight depot for the area through the ownership of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, as well as the Baltimore…

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John Gee Black Historical Center

The John Gee Black Historical Center is a cultural and educational center to insure the preservation of tradition, culture, crafts, music and art of the African Americans in Southeastern Ohio and to educate our diverse…

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Lucky Cat

The “Lucky Cat” name was inspired by a gold lucky cat statue in the office where I used to work. A mascot that started out as a silly gift passed around at employee Christmas parties.…

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Mound Hill Cemetery

Mound Hill Cemetery, also known as Fortification Hill, overlooks Gallipolis, West Virginia, and the Ohio River. The cemetery dates back to 1880 and has at least two of the Founding French 500 buried there. The…

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Our House Tavern Museum

Ou House Tavern museum is a three-story, Federal style brick Tavern that was built in Gallipolis by Henry Cushing and his sister Elizabeth Cushing Foster in 1819. In addition to the taproom, dining rooms, Summer kitchen,…

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Pine Street Cemetery

Pine Street Cemetery was established in the latter half of the 18th century, circa 1790. The most interesting monuments are those of the original French 500 settlers and Congressman Vinton for whom, in 1850 ,…

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River City Leather

It all started in our spare bedroom in 2011.  After a few years of moving and steady growth, we bought an old restaurant in Downtown Gallipolis OH.  Renovations were no joke!  September 10, 2015 was our first…

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The French Art Colony

The French Art Colony, a regional multi-arts center, has served our area for more than 50 years! We offer art exhibitions, classes, community events, educational outreach and rentals of our historic facility for public and…

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